Top African Waist Beads for Women – Reviews & Buying Guide


The waist Beads are too popular fashion tradition in Africa. It looks like a bracelet. You can wear them on your neck, hand, and waist as well. We can say waist Beads a handy craft because all waist Beads are handmade.

If we talk about its design, then each waist bead is threaded on a stretchy cord. These waist beads are available in different sizes and colors so you can match them according to o your lifestyle.

You can match these waist Beads to boho style, Ghana style, and amplify style. However, not all waist Beads are the same. Some of them are only available in one size, color, and design.

It is hard to find out buying guides and reviews for waist Beads. But, today, we are going to review 7 best African waist Beads for women. With these seven reviews, we will also give you a small buying guide on waist Beads. Overall, this post will make your purchase too easy.

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Things to consider before buying Waist Beads – Buying Guide

Before buying waist Beads you should know what waist Beads are and the benefits of waist Beads. This buying guide is for those people who do not know much about waist Beads.  In this guide, we will cover all benefits of waist Beads and a few points that you should keep in your mind while buying African waist Beads.

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  • What are waist Beads?

Waist Beads are a traditional accessory in Africa made from small glass beads on a string or wire. African women use these waist Beads to wear on waist or hips. However, you can wear this traditional accessory on your neck and hand as well.

But, most women wear this accessory on her waists. As I said, the waist Beads come in different colors, shapes, and designs. Some of them also come with decorative stones, crystals, or charms.

The waist Beads are not a new fashion accessory. It has been worn by African people for centuries. Now, the waist Beads are also becoming more popular among women in western countries.

The waist Beads are also known as belly, beads, waistline, and beaded waist chain. In countries like Ghana, Nigeria, and Senegal, waist beads are considered a symbol of femininity, fertility, sensuality, and spiritual well-being.

Nowadays, waist Beads are becoming much popular. Not only African women but American women also wear waist Beads as a fashion accessory or for a practical purpose.  Let’s check out the benefits of waist Beads and see why they are too much popular.

  • Benefits of waist Beads

There are many benefits of waist Beads. You can check them below.

  • Weight Awareness

It is surprising but the waist Beads are the best accessory to analyze your body weight. The waist bids can be used to measure weight gain or loss. The waist bids are a great idea to check weight changes.

The waist will not stretch. However, the waist beads will sit higher on the waist or become tight if you have gained your weight.  If you are losing your weight, then the waist Beads will feel loose.

However, you cannot get an accurate result like a weighing scale but it is still convenient to get an idea about your body. All sizes of women can easily and comfortably wear these waist Beads.

The adjustable waist Beads are also available on the market. You can adjust these types of waistband according to your waist size and weight. If you are using your weight, then you can tighten your waistband. If you are gaining weight, then you can lose the waistband.

  • Maturity

In western countries like Ghana, there is a tradition to tie the waistband on to their daughters during their first menstruation. These waist beads are also worn as a mark of transition into a new stage of life.

According to, the waistband that their daughter has been worn for years will differ after the first child of their daughters.  These waistbands are also used in their child’s naming ceremonies.

  • Heritage and Posture

These waist beads are now a cultural tradition in western countries. In the diaspora, this is a popular way of connecting to their ancestors and celebrates their heritage. Waist beads can also help people to improve their posture.

The waist beads fit differently according to sitting and breathing of a person worn waist beads. The waist beads can engage your stomach muscles and relax your back by remaindering to sit up straight and breathe properly.

  • Perfect size of waist beads

You know what waist beads are and what the benefits of waist beads. Now, you have to consider the size of waist beads while buying. The waist beads are available in different sizes and designs.

To measure the size, you have to think that where you are going to wear waist beads. Will you like to wear them high on your waist? Or do you want to wear them on the belly button?

Once you decide, use a measuring tape to measure and decide the size of your new waistband.

  • Adjustable waist beads or regular

After considering the size, you have to think that which type of waist beads you want to wear. It depends on the uses. If you want to use the waistbands for weight awareness then you should go for regular waist beads.

If you are looking for fashion tradition, then the adjustable waist beads will be perfect for you. The regular waist beads are also good for fashion tradition but it will become tight or lose according to your weight.

  • Quality & Durability

Quality and durability matter a lot while you are buying waist beads. Some waist beads are made of cheap quality beads that can break or differ quickly. So think about durability while buying waist beads. You can check the ratings and reviews of the product to get an idea about durability.

Top waist beads for Women – Reviews

  1. Salircon Waist Beads for Weight Loss

The salircon waist beads design is a perfect tool for women. It will feel more feminine and charming. You can use this waist breads for body, adornment, deification, and decoration. This waist beads can help to control weight and shrink the waist.

When the beads get tighter, you will know that you are gaining your weight. Once you understand, you can control it if you want. These beautiful waist beads are handmade and each one is threaded on a stretch cord. ‘

The salircon is a seven-piece waist bead chain. This waist bead chain is available in three different sizes 31.5 inches, 37.5 inches, and 43.5 inches. You can choose one size according to your uses and waist size.

These are multi-purpose exotic body beads. You can wear this around the waist, on your neck as a necklace, bracelet, or an anklet to hang your keys. The company gives a 90-day exchange and money-back guarantee for any reason.



  • Looks pretty
  • High quality and durable beads
  • Multiple color options
  • 7 strands of waist beads included
  • Adjustable waist beads
  • Seems too scratchy
  • Not available in small sizes


  1. Iridescent African Black Waist Beads

This is a black iridescent African waist bead. These are premium and durable beads. It comes with two options tie on or clasp. The clasped waist beads cannot stretch and cannot be resized. So be careful about the size while you are buying.

These waist beads are made with thread and screw clasps. The iridescent black waist beads are a bit more costly than the salircon waist beads for weight loss. However, it looks more beautiful and stylish.

You can use this as a bracelet, necklace, or on your waist. The iridescent waist beads are also perfect for weight-loss management. However, it is not an adjustable waistband. If you are looking for fashionable waist beads, then be careful about your size and weight.

This is a perfect gift choice for your sister, daughter, or loved ones. The iridescent waist beads are durable. It will not break or differ. It has good customer ratings so we can trust the quality of the product.



  • Comes with tie on option
  • Great for weight loss management
  • Quality and durable material
  • Looks good
  • Fits well
  • It can get loose frequently
  • Not adjustable 
  1. Belly Chain Waist Beads Set

The belly chain waist beads set come with 2 pieces in the box. It is available in different color options. The waist beads are made with glass seed beads. These glass beads are on an elastic thread so you can easily put it on and take it off.

However, the waist beads are not available in different sizes. If you want these waist beads set in a different size then you can contact the Amazon seller. These are handmade and customized waist beads chains.

You can use waist beads as a bracelet, necklace, or anklet as well. Because it is available in limited sizes properly measure yourself around the area where you desire to wear. So it can fit perfectly.

While measuring, keep the tape slightly loose to allow for breathing space. You can also add a clasp on these waist beads if you want. The price of these waist beads is affordable according to its quality. 



  • Stretchable waist beads
  • Looks great and quality beads
  • Enough elasticity
  • You can also add a clasp if you want
  • Colors are pretty
  • Sizing is a little big
  • Can be broken
  1. Stretchy Elastic Colorful Waist Beads

This is the most affordable and cheap waist beads in our list of top waist beads for women. These stretchy elastic colorful waist beads are available in different colors and sizes. However, this includes only one waist bead chain.

You can add a clasp if you want but it will not be elastic when a clasp is added. You can also wear these waist beads as a bracelet, necklace, or anklet. The stretchy waist beads are available in pink, purple, red, black, gold, turquoise, green, orange, white, and royal blue.

You can choose your favorite color on the check out from the drop-down box. You have to be sure about your waist size because there are limited options for sizes. However, you can contact the seller if you want big or small sizes.

Because it is a cheap waist bead, we cannot tell much more about its durability. However, it will be a perfect choice if you want to wear it as a fashion trend.



  • Cheapest waist beads
  • Fits perfectly for medium size
  • Elastic waist beads
  • Looks cute
  • Stretching is too big
  • Maybe not so durable
  1. Tuoshei Summer Jewelry Waist beads set

The tuoshei is one of the best waist beads on Amazon. It is Amazon’s choice in the category of waist beads. This set of waist beads includes six pieces of colorful beads body chain. It is indifferent color styles as well.

The waist beads are made of high-quality glass seed beads. Its color is bright and transparent. These waist beads are handcrafted by the great elastic thread to make it easy to put on and take off.

With these waist beads, you will look more charming and attractive. You can wear this set of waist beads as a necklace, bracelet, anklet, and according to your different needs. The tuoshei waist beads are great for beach parties.

If you ever find any issue with these waist beads then you can return it and get a replacement within 30 days. This is also a perfect gift option for your sister, friends, and wife.



  • Very fashionable
  • Great for beach parties
  • Six pieces included
  • Stretchy and pretty
  • Looks beautiful and cute
  • Too small
  • Rolls up your midsection
  • Not so durable
  1. Althrorry Waist Beads Body Jewelry

The althrorry waist beads are the best seller on amazon. It is available in different colors. The set will come with two pieces made with colorful beads. This is a unique and perfect choice for women.

If you are finding anything for fashion, then I highly recommend this because it has unique colors and designs. The product is suitable for 32.28 inches in size. It is made of stretch elastic cord and glass beads.

You can use it for low-waist trousers on, beach, and pool environment. It is a multipurpose waist bead. It can be used as a necklace, bracelets, anklets, etc. The althrorry waist bead is also an affordable choice to purchase.

The waist beads are available in more than ten colors. You have a wide range of colors to choose your favorite. It will make women more feminine and beautiful.



  • Comes with unique design and colors
  • Looks beautiful and cute
  • Very well made
  • Too comfortable
  • Not easy to break 
  • Rolls around
  • Not available in small size
  1. Tuoshei 12 Pieces Waist Bead Set

The tuoshei waist bead set comes with 12 pieces of different colors and designs. It comes with various color combinations. The set is designed as a summer jewelry waist bead. Anyone looking for bulk pieces of waist beads, then this set is for them.

It is a handicraft with quality glass seed beads and high-quality elastic thread. Its beautiful design will make you more feminine and beautiful. 

As this is a multi-purpose waist bead, you can use it as a necklace, bracelet, and anklet. This is a big set of waist beads on our list. At a low price, the company is providing 12 beautiful waist beads with different designs and colors. You can wear one of them according to your lifestyle.

If you want women accessories for the beach environment, then this will be the perfect accessory for you.



  • Comes with 12 pieces
  • Great set according to price
  • Perfect for the beach environment
  • Durable and high-quality material
  • Worth the money
  • Seem to slide around
  • Extra large 

Final Verdict

There are lots of waist beads that can make you feel more feminine and beautiful. You can gift this woman accessory to your loved ones.

This will be a perfect gift for her. If you are still confused then try one cheaper waist beads that will be great for you. You can read our brief buying guide to choose the best waist beads set. We hope this will help you to find out the best based on your needs. See you soon…

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