Top 7 Best Freetress Water Wave


Change is essential and mandatory in life. Staying the same both physically and mentally for years and years is boring and awful. Every one of us wants a good change in his life, as alteration brings happiness and add spice in routine. To get some modification in your get-up, a Freetress water wave hair is a perfect option. It gives an entirely different look, and you suddenly start looking more confident and presentable.

Your hair matters alot, and play a vital role in your personality. So, this is the first thing you need to worry while you are planning for something entertaining. Now, with freetress water wave say hello to pretty and beautiful hair and goodbye to frizzy and damaged hair. No longer worries for binding your hair, just have this wave hair and go ahead!

How to Choose the Best Freetress Water Wave

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There is a wide variety of water wave available in the market. Choosing the best one for you is not less than a tricky challenge. We’ve done our homework by selecting top freetress water wave hair for you. But before that, you need to know some of the crucial features that you should consider while buying. Let’s have a look over that.

Hair Colour

Always look for the hair whose colour matches your natural hair colour. Otherwise, when new growth starts, your natural hair colour will stand differently than the water wave hair. The perfect extension is the one in which it is hard to tell the difference between the two, natural and artificial. All you have to do is to choose wisely.

Nice Hair Ends

The best water wave gives more fullness in the root, and it gets thinner towards the end of the hair. This thickening of the hair provides a natural and realistic effect. Our natural hair is also thick in the roots. So, consider the freetress having this quality as it would add the beauty in your hair.


You surely want your curly hair to stay with you for a longer time without being frizzy. The longevity of the hair is the most important as it gives a better look for a more extended period. Consider the texture that is in the form of loose, carefree curly bundles, as they are durable than others.

Right Length

Choosing the correct length is crucial and tricky. A perfect size is compulsory for an appealing appearance. Take a look at your natural hair and measure the exact length of the hair you need. After that, choose a freetress water wave that matches your requirements, make sure that the height of hair works for your height and face shape.

Premium Quality

A premium quality hair gives a gorgeous wavy pattern and stays with you for a more extended period. The hair made with 100% virgin hair are perfect for adding volume and giving a fresh look. This ensures that water wave is durable and longevity is maintain.

Covers Natural Hair

Make sure that the hair you choose has enough strands and length to fill up all your natural hair. Otherwise, it may show the difference between your natural hair and water wave.

Bundle Deals

As high-quality virgin hair is expensive, so most people prefer buying this in a small amount. But this is not a good idea. We recommend you always to purchase hair in bundles as it is the long-term investment and will result in savings. Freetress water wave in bundle ensures longevity and durability while being staying within the budget. The more the pack you will use, the more fuller it will look.



1. 7 Packs Passion Twist Hair 18 Inch Water Wave Synthetic Braids for Passion Twist Crochet Braiding Hair Goddess Locs Long Bohemian Locs Hair Extensions (22Strands/Pack, 1B#)

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The Passion Twist Hair having 7 packs is our winner product because of the unlimited love it has received from its users. For centuries people are discovering new ways to add elegance in the traditional styles. One of these is the desire and need to maintain the curls forever. The type that you want to have in the salon can be done in the comfort of home now. This freetress water wave gives a beachy, faux-loc and silky style look. The main features of it include super-soft, skin-friendly, natural-looking, lightweight, no smell, and most importantly, it stays tangle-free for a long time.

The water wave is made with 100% synthetic hair quality, low-temperature kanekalon fiber. The fiber material used in this is of the best quality. It gives a very natural look; all the properties, including colour, appearance, and texture, are just like real hair. The long passion twist gives a stylish and elegant look. It is best designed for the ladies who want to style their hair on their own. You can choose whatever suits you the most whether it is mild length, long spring twist or long passion twist. Even the colour of the twists could be changed, try a different colour and get noticed while walking in the room.


  • Neat and silky.
  • No smell and harmless.
  • Looks natural.
  • Tangle-free.
  • Saves time for hair-styling.



2. Passion Twist Hair Ombre Brown 18 inch 6 packs Water Wave Crochet Braids for Passion Twist Crochet Hair Passion Twist Braiding Hair Extensions

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Passion Twist Hair Ombre Brown 18 inch 6 packs Water Wave Crochet Braids


The Passion Twist Hair Ombre is our runner up product. This is specially designed for twist hairstyle and in producing braiding hair, crochet hair mainly. These hairstyles are gorgeous, stunning, protective, cheaper and easier to create than many others. Use it once and then you will fall in love with these natural-looking curls. This water wave is made with top-notch material that is flame resistant, hot water setting low-temperature synthetic fiber.

The advantage of using this hair are unlimited, some of them include super-soft, tangle free, shedding free, no smell, lightweight, easy to twist, long-lasting, and above all-natural look. What else you want from a freetress water wave? It comes in different colours from jet black, dark brown to ombre red. Choose the colour that suits your face most. Save your time of trying new hairstyles, just install it quickly, and you are ready to go everywhere. It goes fantastic with both daily uses and for the parties.


  • Made with high-quality material.
  • Tangle-free.
  • No smell.
  • Shedding free.
  • Easy to install.
  • Comes in a variety of colours.
  • Long-lasting.
  • Itch-free.
  • Easy to braid.


  • Needs maintenance to stay with it for a long time.


3. GX Beauty 6Packs/Lot Wavy Faux Locs Braids 20Inch Ombre Faux Locs Crochet Hair with Curly Ends Goddess Crochet Synthetic Braiding Extensions Mixed Color(T1B-27#)

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GX Beauty is a wig that is different from all others, and it is the accessory that you deserve. These wavy faux locs braids are like make-up that adds beauty in your casual look. Whether it is a party, wedding, Christmas, or Halloween, these water waves are perfect for every occasion. It is both a soft touch and natural-looking. It is made with 100% Kanekalon synthetic fiber that ensures its durability.

This crochet hair has curly ends that suit everyone. The water wave holds the texture well, is super light and breathable. Save your money and time with this easy to install stylish hair. Now, you can show your charm with this compact hair. You won’t even get to know that it is in your head or not, as it is very light on the head. The package includes everything that you need for assembling. It has 6 bundles, and each of them comes in an individual plastic bag that ensures the wave and curl pattern stays the same in all of them.


  • 100% synthetic fiber.
  • Fashionable and practical.
  • Compact yet soft.
  • Skin-friendly.
  • No smell.


  • Needs care to stay longer.


4. Eliza Wavy Gypsy Locs Ombre Crochet Hair 18″ 8Packs/Lot Goddess Locs 100% Kanekalon Fiber Faux Locs African Roots Dreadlocs Synthetic Braiding Hair Extensions for Black Women

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The Eliza Wavy Gypsy Crochet Hair is a fantastic braiding extension for the black women. The hair is made of high-quality material, 100% kanekalon synthetic fiber is used. All the hair are equally even, light, oily and elastic. This ensures your beautiful and appealing look. It is very light on your head, just wear it and rock the world. These extensions do not have any smell neither they are rough. They are not easy to separate and are suitable for daily wear.

The crochet hair has an African root and is perfect for parties, Halloween, Christmas and in all the occasions where you want to show your charm.

It comes in 8 packs, and 6-8 packs make a full head, these sets when set freely looks beautiful yet useful hair.


  • Made with synthetic fiber.
  • Easy to install.
  • Not rough.
  • No smell.
  • Light on the head.
  • Not frizzy.


  • Needs maintenance.


5. 12 Inch Marlybob Crochet Hair 6 Small Bundles Crochet Braids Jerry Curly Hair Extensions Ombre Synthetic Braiding Hair

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The 12-inch Marlybob Crochet Hair comes in 2 bags in 6 small bundles. The hair is made of high-temperature synthetic fiber; the fiber is used primarily to give a feeling of touch and feel of human hair. This is available in four different colours that you can choose according to your shade. It has various styles that include afro kinky curly, curly curl, crochet braiding hair, and kinky curly extensions.

Crochet braiding hair extensions provides secures and comfortable attachment that stays for all day long. These are very soft and have a very light feeling. The soft fiber in it allows different hairstyles, and you can opt the one you like. Black marlibob crochet hair is especially for girl and women. You no longer have to worry for hair-styling, neither you need to go to salons for expensive hairstyles. All you need for your hair is this freetress water wave that you and everyone will surely love.


  • Very soft and lightweight.
  • Made of soft fiber.
  • Comes in a variety of colours.


  • Not as easy to separate as others.

6. Dansama 7 Packs Passion Twist Hair Water Wave Braiding Hair for Butterfly Locs Crochet Braids Hair Extensions (18inch, 1B, Total 154 strands)

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Dansama 7 Packs Passion Twist Hair


The Dansama Passion Twist Hair is made with 100% high-quality low-temperature hot water; the fiber used in this is synthetic Kanekalon. This style of freetress water wave is funny yet practical. A lot of different hairstyles can go with that, from various choices of hairstyles you can choose the best for you. It has no smell, comfortable and soft touch. You can easily separate and weave it without any difficulty.

The curled tail is bouncy and natural. Maintaining and taking care of it is easy and you can make a braid whenever you want. You will look more passionate and energetic in this stretchy tail. The top of the water wave has an exquisite and neat top. These easy to separate water wave are shedding free. It comes with 7 packs, a crochet needle, 6 colourful beads and a duckbill clip. These packs are enough to full ahead. You can easily install it whenever you want.


  • Top-quality material is used.
  • Packs a full head.
  • Tangle-free.
  • Long-lasting.
  • Itch free.
  • Easy to install.
  • Super soft.


  • You need to take it off before sleeping.


7. Xtrend 90strands 8 inch Spring Twist Crochet Hair for Distressed Butterfly Locs Passion Twist Synthetic Braiding Hair Extensions Fluffy Spring Twist Crochet Braids hair 110g/pcs

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Xtrend 90strands 8 inch Spring Twist Crochet Hair


The Xtrend Spring Twist Crochet Hair is made with 100% synthetic low-temperature fiber. It comes in 9 colours, each of which has separate appealing behaviour. All the colours look fantastic and will add a value in your beauty. Included in this package are 90 strands, and these 90 strands with 8 inches are enough to full the head. You can fold and unfold this, as per the length of your natural hair. When completely folded it is of 8 inches and when it is unfolded length is 16inch.

You can enjoy different hairstyles that majorly includes butterfly locs, spring twist braids, passion twist, ponytail, soft locs, distressed faux locs, nubian twist braid and many others. The hair quality is perfect, cause no tension to my scalp, easy to separate, natural-looking, lightweight, compact, smooth and tight. The package comes with free gift crochet needle or rings.


  • Comes in different colours.
  • Covers full head.
  • Foldable hair length.
  • Different hairstyles.
  • Saves time.


  • After opening a slight smell comes from the package.



Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: How often can I use freetress water wave?

You can use it as many times as you want. It depends on your choice and your preferences.

Q: Are these freetress water waves virgin?

Yes, most of the brands offer extensions that are 100% virgin. No chemical processing is done, and no dying is done on these waves.

Q: When should I wear these freetress water waves?

You can wear them whenever you want, and they can be used in daily routine, in parties, in Halloween, and Christmas.

Q: How to use freetress water wave?

It’s super easy to wear them, just read the manual and follow the easy steps. You can easily install them using crochet needles. Many brands offer needles along with the package.

Q: Can these freetress water waves cause allergy when touched with the skin?

The question is quite complicated because it varies from brand to brand. Always make sure to choose the brand that ensures the product is skin-friendly, and no chemicals are involved. You can find this information under the product description.

Q: Do the freetress water wave requires care?

Yes, if you want the extension to stay with you for a more extended period, then maintaining them is essential.

Q: Can I use freetress water wave overnight?

This treatment can be use overnight also, so you don’t worry about installing it daily.

Q: Does freetress water wave comes in different colours?

Yes, it comes in different colours. This may range from black, brown to red. You can choose the one that you love the most.


Final Verdict – Freetress water wave

A freetress water wave is nothing less than a treat to you. Our winner product is 7 Packs Passion Twist Hair. Once you have this fantastic wave, you can’t stop loving this. Add this now in your life and show your charm to everyone around.

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